THE App for domestic animal owner. From now on ALL Data of your Animals are stored in PetID – no more searching in different places or folders. The most important Data in case of Emergency:
Date of birth, size, weight, sex or else characteristics - also special features- such as: Tasso- Registration or other, chip number, EU-passport number, Insurance number/legal liability number, health insurance, castrated, drug allergy, food allergy, contact data of your veterinarian and some more.

The appointments of the last and the next vaccinations, last deworming and necessary medicine, last medication.... with memory function, as well as the possibility to scan laboratory reports and send out by mail.

So it is the ideal companion too for the journey and the best: one can lay out any number of animals.


  • Pets Creating Individual animals with key data such as name, registration, vet, allergy, etc.
  • Calendar Schedules for the respective animals create. Veterinarian, dog Training school, and things like that
  • Documents Take a picture of an example lab report or select from the own album, or also add the email attachment (PDF).
  • Extras Here are important information documents, but which are constantly updated and new ones added, provided.
  • PetId About Help, Settings in the font size and the support can be found.

optional Features

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