What is Yahtzee Scorecard

You love the game Yahtzee? Do you think the game more fun rather than with real dice on your iPad does? With Yahtzee scorecard, you can play the game with real dice, but using a flexible digital scorecard. With Yahtzee scorecard, you must not write all your points or throws (Maxi Yahtzee), on a paper during the game. You do not count all the eyes when the game is over. Yahtzee scorecard does this for you quickly and easily. Yahtzee scorecard supports both Yahtzee and Maxi Yahtzee. You can also choose whether to play for the American or Scandinavian rules and calculations. Note that Yahtzee scorecard is not a game, it's a scorecard for the game. Physical cube and knowing the rules of Yahtzee or Maxi Yahtzee is required.


  • Support for american and scandinavian rules
  • Supports up to 8 players
  • Complete color matching your scorecard

Features of the full version

  • Support for both Yahtzee and Maxi Yahtzee
  • No advertising
  • Additional Features